Thursday, September 24, 2015

Photo Diary// Fall Home

Autumn is such a great decorating season, when your a homebody weirdo like myself. I have creepy stuff all over the house year round, but this time of year gives me an excuse to push it a bit more. Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox and I celebrated with a pumpkin spice latte while I got some work things done in the park, but still got it iced because it was still 80 degrees WTF. Anyway...

I put up orange lights in my office. I love having fairy lights around, and I wish it wasn't so college dorm-y to have them out all year round. My studio is located right off my living room, so I like to keep my office door open and plug in the lights so the orange glow seeps in while I'm watching TV or reading.
Candles are an absolute must. How cute is that cat one? I got it from this rad etsy shop.  The other one is a cheapie one from Target, but it has a wood wick so it makes crackle sounds as it burns. 
I love displaying my creepy books, but I do that year round.
I watched Nosforatu in it's entirety for the first time recently, I didn't realize that all the amusing parts with the Count's weird choreography is in like the last 15 minutes of the film. After that I watched the Sixth Sense for the first time, I've gone all these years without seeing it (but I did know the ending because everyone spoils everything and that ending is common knowledge). I went straight to bed after watching that, supremely spooked. Which I guess was my intention. 
And because I can, I bought fake pumpkins. I'm scared to get real gourds for the mantle because 1: let's face it, we all know what those look like (dicks) and 2: I would leave them there too long and the would rot and I wouldn't realize it. That's just a thing that I would totally do.

Happy Fall!


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