Friday, September 4, 2015

Vieux Montreal

Did I mention I was in Montreal when I was away? I love that city. Mike went to McGill so I was up there a lot in the beginning of our relationship to visit him. And we just love it there, and his buddy from college got married there the Saturday before last, so we decided to make a vacation out of going up for that. We were total tourists and stayed in a cute little hotel in Old Montreal, which feels like you're in France. Also, our hotel's thing was having lots of original art around, and there was a freakin' Warhol in the Lobby. Pretty damn cool. More on Montreal later, with more pictures. Lots of them are on film, because I'm an annoying hipster. These were taken by a fountain in one of the main squares of Old Montreal.

On to the debacle of this dress. My never ending quest for finding shift dresses that fit both my top and bottom half. This looked like it flared out enough when I ordered it but oooooh boy I was just a tad to bodacious. It was final sale, too, so no dice on returning it. I really like it and didn't wanna sell it so I got creative. I had these vintage maxi dresses from the 60's or 70's lying around and I really wasn't wearing them, so I cut one of them into a shorter dress. Then I just used the fabric to make triangle panels to sew into the side of this number. Worked out pretty well if I do say so myself! Now it fits perfect and it's on of my new favorite dresses.

And in even OTHER news I got a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. It started bothering me on the tail end of our trip in Montreal and saw the dentist once we got back. And as of yesterday that little jerk is outta my mouth for good. I opted for being sedated (and to my chagrin couldn't find my tank top that says "I wanna be sedated" to wear to the procedure) and when it was done I thought they haven't even started yet. That stuff is magic. Just one tooth was yanked, so it's not too bad. Minimal pain. Anyways, I was outta commission all day yesterday, and today I'm getting a few things done before we leave a for a cabin trip weekend with friends in a few hours. Life has been so non-stop lately! Gotta go and ship as many etsy orders as I can...

Have a great holiday weekend :D


Dress// Ruche, modified by yours truly  Shoes// Vans  Belt// Thrifted  Bag// Jo Totes

Photos by Mike

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