Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween in Hoboken 2015 Part 2

Round two! I actually passed by this guy when he was putting up the branches when I was on my way to the post office, and I had to tell him how cool it was. I didn't realize that he planned on adding all this other stuff to them, I thought the branches alone even looked really cool. But this is also great.
 This guy totally won.


 Sunshine and spiderwebs. It's the little things. No, but really, the spiderwebs really do look rad as heck in the bright sun.
Some more comical skeletons. It seems to be a trend this year! I laughed way to hard at both of these, especially that after I took the picture of the one below I saw the lab jacket read "Mr. Blood". Haaaaaa.

The perished chasing after some pizza...
And there's always room for decorations that are just pretty. I loved what these people did with their railing and stoop.

Welp, thats all of them! I'll post photos of my costume next week. Have a wonderful Halloween!!!


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