Friday, October 9, 2015

Living Color Palette

Ever really think about how colors sort of rule your entire life? Cause I do. I was way happier yesterday wearing blue tights as opposed to the regular sheer black that I always wear. Is it me?
 One of my favorite shops in town closed a few weekends ago, and antique store, and I snagged this stool for a song.

 Also, I brightened up my hair a bit. This was actually the color I intended to achieve at first. It always takes me a couple of tries. I'm the trial and error type of person in like, every aspect.

Bought my self some fall colored flowers last week. It's so weird how having flowers in a room cheers it up so much.
Honestly, not a whole lot to report here. So  here's some things making me happy right now: the fact that it was 70 degrees and sunny all week, the minimal noise today on the construction site down the block today (usually I'm listening to jackhammers in the faint distance whenever I'm in my office), and I went though my trunk this past Sunday where I keep old clothes and diaries and decided to bring back the checkered slip on vans that I found in there (or "ska shoes"). I had a sudden urge to wear them again. They're still super comfy! And also, work this week has been a kind of busy that isn't stressful but still enough to keep me well, really busy. But I thrive on that. Yeah!

 Since my last post I'm still trying to figure out what the voice of this blog will be now. Still getting my bearings with that, but it's definitely not something I plan on abandoning. I don't know what it is, but whenever I update this blog with pretty/interesting/quirky content I feel super accomplished and happy. Even if its a quick little photo dump post like this one. I know there are people that enjoy what I put out there, but there's also a self serving aspect to this blog. It's kind of like my own personal life archive, that's not facebook. It's cool to have.

Happy Friday y'all.


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