Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Purple Dreams

After a couple of months of living in this apartment I decided that the room we use as the bedroom is pretty much meant to be purple. (it was yellow before) It's a pretty bold choice for us because it's such a dark but also vibrant color choice that can go terribly wrong pretty easily. This room has the best windows so it takes advantage of all the possibilities of this shade and how it looks in the light. And really, this purple is seriously just the greatest fucking color ever. C'mon, now.
 I don't think I've ever really shared pictures of this room before, it's a very special space for me and I don't wanna show too much. but I couldn't just not share some snippets. Ever since we painted it purple I've been hanging out in her a lot more. It is for sure my favorite room. I love to curl up with a book in here and check out the view from the bay windows. You can see the WTC all year round from the bay windows and in the Winter when the leaves are gone from the trees you can see much more of the NYC skyline. I call it my Winter lights.

 I also love spending my mornings here at this little table by the windows to have my morning coffee, and read/listen to the news. Morning routines are super important for me and this table serves as a perfect little nook for me to sit and chill before starting my day.

Alright, out!


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