Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stevie Nicks Sleeves

I was hesitant when I bought this dress, fearing it was too much like " I wanna be Stevie Nicks" even though, who doesn't wanna be her? But mom convinced me, especially being as we planned on going to the Renaissance faire the next day in Tuxedo. Which was way different from what I expected. When I was a kid, the Renn faire by us in Sands Point, Long Island was nothing like this one with it's kiosks with actual signs and stuff. It almost kinda felt Six Flags-y, not what I experienced in Sands Point at all. In Sands Point, it was in field on a giant preserve, that had a castle (appropriate), wooded areas, and it also overlooked rocky beaches. I actually did a little post on that place a while back, which you can find right here.
It's kind of a magical place, and also had the best (what I now know it as) low budget renn faire ever. Grown men in chain mail would fake fist fight out of nowhere in the middle of everything. There's your entertainment, you happy? They also did have actual organized things like the jousts with the horses and the maypole. But mostly, it was a lot of crap like that. And the little booths that sold things were a lot craftier and were in just plain tents. Little baby goth me one year bought a suede choker with an ankh symbol on it. I still have it somewhere.
One weird sorta funny memory I have that's really stuck with me was when I was around 10 or 11 and we were there watching them act out the castle siege scene. The dudes would charge towards the castle, shoot arrows and shit at it, and generally run around yelling obscenities, and people watched. But sometimes, these guys I guess got a little too much into character and really got in to people's faces. Cute little grade school aged me is watching along, eating a popsicle and one guy comes up into my face like YELLING. I was so startled that I just instinctively shoved the popsicle in his face. Ice cream self defense? I can still see as clear as day the vanilla ice cream all up in his facial hair as he was like "that not how we play that game". And I'm thinking, don't get into little girls faces like that, how 'bout? Hah. Weirdo.
I wish I was able to get a better shot of the detail of this dress, but we were about to leave and everyone was tired. I had a good time still, they had pumpkin beer. But it did make me miss the old rickety fair in Sands Point, now defunct.


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