Monday, November 30, 2015

Dropping By

Hi! Sorry about the hiatus. I've been up to lots of things lately and now the holiday season is amongst us. Tis the season of paper cuts and finding bits of packing tape in my hair. It's also my favorite time of year for my job because the people that buy my things are the most rad and lovely people I have the pleasure of interacting with, and it really shines through when everyones buying stuff at once. I very rarely get a rude person in my shop. Seriously...ya'll rule so hard.

I wore this outfit on one of the freakishly warm days we've been having. It's strange with it been so much into fall and not needing a coat! In NYC! This print of forever my fave, and mustard colored things are my JAM. I hate mustard though. Ick.

I know my blog here has been kind of dead lately, but I've been super active in every other aspect of my life, so I guess this poor lil thing got put on the back burner! Sorry lil bloggy! Heres what I've been up to:

I started drawing a tarot card every day from my deck that I've had forever. It's a really fun thing to add to my morning routine, and I can learn some of the cards more. Along with a little added guidance for my every day life, cause why not? I've found more often than not the daily card is pretty easy to relate to whatever I have going on that day.

Been listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo, and also yes, Adele's new album.

Pre-paring for the BUST Craftacular, which is on Brooklyn December 19-20th! I scoured the internet for little displays for my pins and necklaces, because I always like changing up my display, and found the perfect things at Land of Nod which is a furniture store for rich children. Go figure.

I did a huuuuge update on my etsy shop in time for the holidays, which means that this past week I've spent like 14 hours in the office. I was up late last night after thanksgiving dinner (still half wine drunk) adding 30 new things to the store! I made my most popular brooch designs into necklaces and added gift boxes that will only be around for the holidays.

I ran a Good Karma Sale to benefit Planned Parenthood! It's still going on today, where you can enter the code KARMA for 30% off in my shop.

Hanging Christmas lights EVERYWHERE. (observe over on my instagram)

I think thats pretty much it. Most of it is work related things, probably because I work a lot.

I'll be back soon!


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