Friday, May 29, 2015


This skirt used to be a bit longer, but I've changed my mind on midi length skirts, and got it hemmed. I need something above the knee, doesn't have to be a mini, but I like to show more leg that I thought. I've noticed that walking everywhere really effects how you dress. I can wear some things anymore too much because they ride up too much. And when you have to walk a mile that day to get things done, thats so not ideal. So I'm kind on a never ending quest now for stylish stuff that I don't have to constantly tug at when I'm trying to go about my day. So it goes. But hey, this skirt is almost perfect.

 I did some subtle matching with my shoes to my shirt, they both have birdies on them!

How is it the weekend again already?! Gah.


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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flamingo Sunset Hair

Surprise pink hair! You know, I think light pink is the only color I haven't done. But this is more of a pastel creamsilcle kinda pink. We called it "flamingo sunset" in the salon. And it's perfect. I am so ready for summer now, I was in such DIRE need of a hair change, and whenever I feel stuck in that sorta rut I love going drastic. With the lipstick it's giving me very 90's Drew Barrymore vibes. All I need are some daisies.

 Look at dem highlights! They used Evo brand dye on my hair, if you're curious.

Now I think I may need a bit of a wardrobe update. Having new hair always makes me want to give the ol closet a makeover, too. First I think I'll have to stock up on more dark red lip stick. The one I'm wearing here I've had a while, it's by Kat Von D's Sephora line, which is an old fave.

My hair was done by Ruby at Headdress Salon in the East Village. See her if you're an NYC babe that wants a summertime makeover!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring Mood Board

 In my studio there's an original fixture thats pretty cool, a dumbwaiter! Though it's obviously not in use and painted shut, I decided to turn this area into my designated seasonal mood board. I felt I needed some external inspiration that wasn't on a computer screen, and a mood board is perfect for that.
 I listen to a podcast called "After the Jump" which is everything informational about blogging and being a small creative business runner. The host described this great method for making mood boards when you're feeling stuck, which is to rabidly flip though a big stack of magazines and to let your instincts guide you. Whatever you're drawn to, tear it out and don't think about it. When you're done, you should have a very clear image of your general aesthetic and you can get those creative juices flowing to make something awesome thats really true to your own unique vision. Also, it's a ton of fun. Now I'm really ready to make a new line of things for my shop!

Finding exterior inspiration is kind of vital for creatives, because as one of my professors from art school frankly said, you can't just pull stuff out of your ass, you need to look at other people's work and get inspired. So what presently inspires me is bright and fun color combinations, retro and hand drawn typography, plants, pigeons ( I love pigeons), and a somewhat spooky aesthetic.

Man, I'm so ready to make some cool shit! After the long weekend, of course ;)


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stripes Rule

Oh hay! Picture wise, this outfit post is a bit short and sweet. It was windy and colder than expected and it totally showed on my face in most photos, haha! I really, really can't stand wind. Especially in a short dress and no tights. Eeek!
I've been wearing this dress non-stop, and being as I already wore it once on the blog, I decided to add a layer to it, and black and white stripes are always a great go-to. I love combing good basic pieces in layers, kinda my thing.

I bought these socks as a pick me up at Target yesterday. Not that I necessarily needed a pick me up, but they sure do make me happy. I love the bright summery colors showing through somewhat gritty doc martens. ha!


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Photo Diary // Airy Studio

I've started utilizing the fire escape in my studio to house a bit of a mini urban garden. Mike's mom kindly bought us a whollllllle bunch of herbs for me to plant out there. And I got the flowers for myself at my local nursery.  I'm slowly but surely making over this little corner in my office. I'm saving up for an arm chair for that corner by the window and a little nook to sit in and enjoy some fresh air. Currently there's two regular ikea chairs there just to fill up the space, but they're not exactly cozy so I just usually store things on them. And the little wind chime adds a little bit of whimsy (not that this room needed anymore whimsy). Also, I need to clean that window...
More updates on me managing to keep plants alive soon. Think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Just some bright little snippets of my office, something I think you've come to expect over on this little bloggy blog. I've grown fond of collecting these little kewpies and kewpie heads that I find on etsy and ebay, especially this new one that has three faces! haha. I think this will be my thing to look for come late summer when i go back to Brimfield (the largest, most amazing vintage/flea market). They freak Mike out a bit, so I'm glad I work from home and have an office to store these weird little guys.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Midge's Closet Update

Hey all! I have a mini update to my "shop my closet" store. Some skirts, and cuuuute striped pinafore, and a denim vest perfect for this time of year.
Denim Vest Detail

Yellow Top Detail


Snag something for yourself at!

Most things are in the small/medium or 6/8 range. I'm here to help if you have any questions about anything in particular.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo Diary// Weekends Rule

 I love my job, but weekends are far superior to the daily grind. We love to just walk around town in the nice weather and take advantage of what Hoboken has to offer. My favorite place, Pier 13 is open for the season! It's and outdoor bar/food truck spot right on the Hudson River and you can see all of Manhattan.
This tree is on Stevens Campus, and I like how it sorta looks like a heart.

The uptown Castle Point area of Hoboken is so freakin cute. Its by the college campus which is nice to take a stroll around.
DAY BEERS! More reasons to love weekends. I treat my Saturdays like tiny vacations, and do whatever I feel like. Had lunch and beers at an outdoor restaurant and people watched. I love doing that.
I got that kitty pitcher the same day I got my kitty tattoo in Northampton, by coincidence. I was already set that I wanted a black cat tattoo, and by chance I found this little guy.
I've been making these super healthy pancakes lately that are seriously amazing. The only essential ingredients in them are eggs and a ripe banana. My aunt told me about it. Basically it's just two eggs to one banana to make the batter. Maybe I'll do a recipe post about it? I don't normally do those, I don't really see myself as an authority for food things, but it'll be something different I guess!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sunny Vibes

Sunny vibes all around today! It's so beautiful out. It was kinda summer-hot the past few days but this week it's in the high 70's and absolutely perfect. One complaint: WIND. Oh my god, this dress was not made for windy days. Free show, anyone? At least it was cool enough to wear stockings. Stocking that started to rip and run like crazy once I left the house. Typical.
 Despite my many wardrobe malfunctions today, I'm still feeling great. Because I get to wear my denim jacket. My keyboard broke this morning, and I can't really do my job without one so I had to head downtown onto the main strip in Hoboken to get a new one. On the way back I went to Tunes, the record shop in town, in search of $2 CDs and succeeded! I got Last Splash by The Breeders and The Color and the Shape by Foo Fighters. I never really considered myself a big Foo Fighters fan, (though I do think Dave Grohl is hilarious) but I've been meaning to buy that damn CD for years. I just think it's a good one to have in my collection. I do that sometimes. I'm not a big Sonic Youth person, but I have their entire discography. I just feel like I should have it.  And I got super into The Breeders last summer, and I think it's time I stop listening to them using my free spotify account.

 This is officially my Spring and Summer time bag. It was my birthday gift last year from Mike. And that color, though. Swoon.


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