Friday, January 29, 2016

Photo an Hour// Monday 1.25

Oh hello! I'm getting back into the swing of photographing everyday ~*life things~*. Photo an hour is a good way to do that, so here we go! I also just realized while uploading these that they're all taken inside my apartment. I swear, I actually did leave the house that day, even if it was just the post office, and climbing what were practically mountains to get there. Fuck snow!

 8AM// What my typical morning looks like, I sit at the small round table by the bay window in the bedroom and eat breakfast and have my coffee. I'm starting to love mornings and getting into the office on the early side. My morning routine helps a lot, I look forward to my little rituals that I have pretty much set in stone, and it gets my ass outta bed. I read a book or listen to the news on my WNYC app as I psych myself up for the day. This week it's been mainly Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl which I can't put down. She writes so beautifully and is also really funny, which neither of those things surprise me. Ultimate career role model, right there. She can do anything. Also, side note, Modern Girl, the song where the title comes from is also the inspiration behind my blog/shop name. The Blitz part is from part of the original pronunciation of my last name and it's also a cool word.
 9AM// This shirt was being sent on it's merry way to its new owner.
10AM// A desk-scape, if you will. I actually rearranged almost my entire office the day after these photos were taken. It wasn't even really planned, I just decided to do it. Maybe I was possessed by Shia LeBouf. Anyway, this room looks so much nicer now, and I just really love changing things up. Keeps me excited about working.
 11AM// Thirsty (dead) flowers.
12PM// Around Christmas time this room was pretty much covered in lights. I decided to leave just one strand up permanently, because they make me happy. Especially when it gets dark early.
1PM// My little window chimes, which don't chime right now because I'd be dipped in shit if I open any windows right now.
 2PM// Did some glitter painting, because I have the coolest job in the world.
3PM// The result of said glitter painting. I have a new line of what I'm calling "Omniscient Lockets/hearts". They were inspired by a photo I took of an open locket that I painted eyes into. I thought it was a shame that no one would really know that there were two cool eyes peering out from inside the locket, unless the wearer always had it open. So I made these instead. I'm super proud of them, you can find them in the shop here!
 4PM// I like to take breaks in here because its so peaceful. I love my lil table.
5PM// I got some stickers from Cat Bone, I'm putting them on the case of my brand spankin' new Ipad pro. I got it for work, mainly so I could draw cool things. And also, buy cool things. You know I obviously wonder, as I'm sure most people that know me do, how I manage to live off of Etsy sales. I now know. Ipads. The Etsy app makes it way to easy to buy all the things. YOU CAN BUY SHIT WITH YOUR FINGERPRINT! Needless to say, I went a little nuts a few weekends ago. Whoops.
 6PM// Getting back into the yoga swing as well. I do a lot of it on youtube (she's awesome). I love home practices, it's comfortable. And also I don't have to listen to people that snore in corpse pose. Like, stop. You are ruining my moment of zen.
7PM// Winding down, lighting candles with TV and dinner. My favorite part. I skipped 8 PM. Whoopsie.


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