Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sleepy Hollow Cemetary

Forever a fan of two things for sure: film camera and graveyards. This were taken back in October when me, Mike, Rhiannon and her husband Ram all met up in Tarrytown, better known as Sleepy Hollow, for a cemetery tour. I had no idea how close to NYC this place was, and we also figured out it is literally like a half way point between where I am in Hoboken to where Rhi is in Connecticut. We haven't been back since, but I really wanna go back soon. The town itself is really cute which I didn't get to explore as much. Anyway, here's some SPOOPY cemetery photos.

I wasn't able to capture it, but out past that steeple in the distance above, you could actually ever so slightly see the Manhattan skyline. This part of the cemetery was on a huge hill, and Tarrytown is actually only a 35 minute train ride from grand central. Too cool!

Those traffic cones were cramping my style somethin fierce. Oh well. I loved how tall and eerie these trees looked. I have to come back to this place! Not to mention we went to a beer hall after wards that had the best cider and Mac and cheese I've ever shoved in my face hole. 


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