Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Office Tour, Atleast for Now

My apartment is an ever changing, constantly evolving entity. And for a room that's reserved for me to work and be creative, I have to change it up a lot to keep myself excited about going in here to get shit done. Being your own boss means everything is riding on you and your motivation, so my space needs to inspire and motivate me as much as possible. Putting in the work, so that work gets done, basically. Anyway, here is the current status of my office/studio/weird space!

A month or so ago, I rearranged my desk(s) from the whole thing basically facing a wall, to a more dynamic set up. It's actually was three ikea tables lined up to make one long surface, but that set up wasn't really serving me anymore. When we first got this place, and idea of a whole big room to work in was so exciting that I wanted the longest desk in allllllll the land. And then I found out, I don't need the longest desk ever. I moved the two of the tables away from the walls, and put the third one in storage. I love that I have my computer desk, that I sit at as I type this, and my everything else desk, reserved for creating things not on my computer screen. On the wall facing my everything else desk are check lists and ideas for current projects. I need my to-do's up front and center, I'm totally an "out of sight out of mind" type.

I found that wearing headphones while I work really boosts my productivity, I guess it just makes me concentrate more. I need Art Angels by Grimes directly into my eardrums so I can get shit done, apparently.
 My office wouldn't be complete with weird little collections here and there. You know me.

I was soooo happy to get rid of the orange polka dot rug. It's not exactly my style anymore, and I'm in loooove with this one. It softer, and has a sun and raindrops on it and it's just everything I would want in a whimsical thing that covers my floor, and keeps my downstairs neighbor from listening to my chair rolling. It's from Ikea.
 You know what really makes me happy? Good ol' organization. Virgo power!

I recently put together this little "special witchy things" shelf. I'm hesitant to use the word "altar, I don't feel like that word relates to what this is, but rather it's more of a place to put things that are meaningful and inspiring to me, cards, photos, pretty things, candles, ect. to encourage creative positivity in my little workspace. Oh, and of course my glove mold hand thats signed by Amy Sedaris, who is my favorite famous person.
 Button machines!
 Those shopping baskets are still my favorite find. They are perfect "junk" bins, they fit perfectly on my bookcase and add some great color.
 Not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but I do all my screen printing in house by myself. I get my images burned onto screens by a studio, due to my lack of having a dark room (next house haha jk not really) but everything else is all me. This is how I've taken to organizing them , I loooove how perfectly they fit.
One thing that I sometimes overlook about this room is the fact that it still has a tin ceiling. I love old charms and quirks, and I'm so happy the ceiling survived. Also, a dumbwaiter. Which is non functioning and completely painted over, but it's a cool reminder of how old this building is (1908 or so).
A big arm chair was on my checklist of things this room needed for a while. I really wanted a place to sit that wasn't my desk for times when I can't even, or just a little break or drawing spot. It's perfect. In the warmer months I like to sit on the top of it and open the window so I'm half on my fire escape so I can enjoy fresh air in the morning with some coffee. Hoping it doesn't freak my neighbors out...

 Closet! Clothes! Yay!

That's it! (for now) My next changes will definitely be more wall things so my calendar isn't so lonely, and I think I wanna paint it a more vibrant color. Soooooooon...


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