Thursday, March 24, 2016

What's Old is New Again

New hair and new to me top! I haven't seen my stylist since last May so it was time. I always know it's time for a hair cut once I can put it in a ponytail. Officially decided to grow out my bangs, something that I've literally never done in my 27 and a half years.
This past Sunday Mike had his dood bro guy friends over to play Magic the Gathering, and being as most of our friend circle are couples, us goils went vintage shopping to Revival here in Hoboken. If you're around NYC or Hudson County it's worth a trip. Prices aren't insane, and some of the stuff they have is so rad that it's almost like a clothing museum. I bought this top, which is actually cashmere, which I can't say without a east coast mom accent. And I know there's a hole. Fixing it later. haha.
Another new old thing is that rad writing desk. We literally found it on the curb for the taking, right outside our building. I have this weird stroke of luck with other people's garbage.


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