Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh, Hey

Blogging. is. hard. I keep on meaning to keep up this poor lil neglected page, but man, I'm still trying to find what I wanna say. Why is that so hard? My heart is not in the fashion-y side of blogging anymore, and that was it's main gig for a while. In fact my closet has down sized tremendously, I just wanna be one of those people that has a few key pieces and is happy with just that. I'm digressing. I'll just tell ya what I've been up to.
Clearly, my headspace hasn't been so great since this horrid election. At this point I'm struggling to find the balance between "this is not normal, this is not ok" and trying to feel normal. My best right now is having fund raisers in my shop to try and spread some money around to those who need it as much as possible. Even though, I still feel helpless. It's been real, real rough for me y'all. I think I'm turning to this blog to vent and to share some pretty things and just just type shit out. Ya know? It's also a new moon in Sagittarius as I wrote this so some new moon gotta manifest and change shit feels are brewing in my brain stew.
And here, observe, some photos from a simpler time, late summer and early fall. Before literally cartoon satan was president-elect and the eczema on my hand wasn't flaring up from the stresssssss.
Labor day weekend was spent in upstate ny and it has a freakin creek. I GOT TO SWIM IN A CREEK IT WAS SO GREAT. Some of my friend pronounced creek like "crick". Is that normal?

Been getting more and more into following along with the moon phases. This was the Pieces full moon that I spent by the Hudson river, it was so gorg.

 Just some finger puppet feels.
I got this chair at a vintage store by me for a SONG. I call it my ghost chair. My favorite corner in the apartment is coming along nicely. Though I still don't know to to adult fully enough until I get some goddamn actual curtains for this bay window.

Expanding my line of enamel pins! I was so iffy about them for a while but people FUCKING LOVE THESE THINGS so I had some made. Yup.
 Instead of a summer vacation me and the dude went away in mid-october and called it our Spookcation. Just thinking about that week right now might make me weepy. It was fantastic. We rented an air bnb in Woodstock, NY. The house was walking distance from town, but still sorta in the woods. The bus from the city stopped right in their town square where they were setting up for a drum circle and it was a very "I have arrived" moment. The weather was perfect. We cooked, had a fire pit, drank champagne, creeped arounf the graveyard, drank wine on the desk amongst the pretty leaves during the day, I worked on some of my weird lil paintings, and dayum I SHOPPED. They have the raddest candle store. I bought two of these cat candles because I thought they were too cool to burn. I burned them both. I knew I'd end up doing that so I snapped a photo.
I also bought this in Woodstock. I've been meaning to get a sun catcher for my bedroom for a while, and now I was a fucking armys worth of the things. Give me all the witchy sun catchers you have!!! There's no photos of the actual vacation on here cause they're on an undeveloped roll of film at the moment. 
It me. Lounging. It's been a hobby of mine lately. Also, I stopped dying my hair because it's nice to not have it be crunchy from the bleach anymore. Also also, because of this, I noticed a few new friends. About 10 of them, on the top of my head, they're grey and skinny. I hope I get to be one of those cool ladies with a grey streak!

Love love love,

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