Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Hallway of Weird

This little hallway was the first part of our place that we painted or in my words "de-beige-ified". The bright green was such a garish first choice to paint but, it's such a tinny little space I love how it pops. To add more to the weirdness I decided this would be a designated spot for some weird art and other stuff, that's not my office of course.

Alphabet is thrifted, Cat and Bird Mermaid painting was found at a flea market, artist unknown, cat mask was a gift from a flea market.
Little pink monster is a painting I got from Timid Monsters while doing one of the Bust fairs.
I've accumulated way too many of these fortune telling fish, but I looooove them so much.
Comb print from Yardsale Press.

I thrifted this most amazing cat plaque ever. I pictured it's previous owner being a sweet old lady in a house with a pink carpet and floral couches.

The door that leads into my office, where the weirdness continues. I did this Ghost/OB tampon with eyes painting myself. I'll do an updated tour of the office soon, too. It's changed quite a bit in the new year!