Wednesday, April 20, 2016

An Ode To: Bike Shorts

Guys. I have no idea why it took me so long to know the magic of shorts under dresses. But my life in chaaaaanged! As an avid dress and skirt wearer, who walks every where, shit riding up is an issue. But now I have my new friend bike shorts that has everything covered (literally) for me. And also, I kinda like how they look peeking out, its give the outfit a sporty touch, for someone is definitely NOT Sporty. I was Baby when we played Spice Girls, thank you very much. 
But now I feel like I would totally pick Scary Spice.

Sidenote: I know when I said I was gonna stop listing where I got my pieces in outfits because my blog doesn't wanna shout at you to buy shit you don't need HOWEVER, as an indie designer myself, I feel it's important to list where I got something if it's made by an independent artist/small brand. I would want the same recognition if I saw my stuff in a blog post. So, My wreath patch is from Stay Home Club, Skull patch from Explorers Press, and my vintage Bitch pin from Titty Bats. (which is no longer available, but they have so much other rad things). I unfortunately forgot where I got my chainsaw pin. I did buy it at the Renegade craft fair a while back. If you know the maker, let me know in the comments!

Another sidenote: this back patch arrangement is my favorite ever ever ever. I feel like I won the Patch Game.