Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Savannah on Film

I went to Savannah with Rhiannon in February to celebrate our friend Caila's birthday and holy shit is that city awesome. We only stayed for a long weekend, but I kept on saying the whole time that I felt like I was dreaming.
Not to mention our buddy is pretty much an unofficial ambassador of everything cool in Savannah, so she took us to all the things worth checking out. I feel like Stefan from SNL when I say that this city has everything: gutter punks, pretty moss trees, graveyards, old shit, victorian architecture, cool taxidermy, flea markets, streets beers, Jameson slushies, weird art vans, and second hand art supply stores.

I love the idea of only bring film cameras when I go away somewhere. It makes that thrill of getting film developed even more exciting, because it has all these great trip memories on it that you almost forgot about.